Jet Infosystems develops a MaxPatrol-based vulnerability control system for VGTRK


Moscow ─ The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) and Jet Infosystems have completed a project to provide continuous data security control for all components of the media company’s IT infrastructure. The MaxPatrol-based system scans all IT systems to identify vulnerabilities, monitor changes in settings and ensure compliance with corporate and industry-specific security standards.

As the leading Russian media company, VGTRK has an extensive network of over 80 regional offices, which use a variety of information systems. The company needs scaleable data security solutions that are easy to manage and require minimal infrastructural changes. The MaxPatrol package meets all these criteria. The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems, a company with a wealth of experience in data security systems for various entities with a sophisticated infrastructure.

The project commenced with the collection of information on components subject to scanning and their types. Technological plans were developed to set up a vulnerability control system. The implementation stage involved a number of platforms and applications, including MS Windows and MacOS servers and workstations, Solaris servers, Oracle and MS SQL database management systems, networking hardware (switches, routers, firewalls) and so on. Once the system was deployed, Jet Infosystems formulated appropriate criteria to ensure that IT components met appropriate security standards.

“The vulnerability control system has automated data security analysis, improved data security and saved financial and manpower resources that can now be used for addressing strategic IT issues,” says Dmitriy Safronov, chief data security officer, IT Department at VGTRK. “The system has been deployed on our principal sites in Moscow, and we are planning to replicate it across our regional network.”

“The media company now has a powerful, customizable and scaleable instrument to guarantee compliance with the best international data security practices and develop corporate policies/standards,” explains Evgeniy Akimov, deputy director, Jet Infosystem’s Data Security Center. “The system features a simple interface to generate centralized user-specific data security reports for IT divisions, DS services, senior management and other users.”

“The MaxPatrol-based system supports a broad range of hardware and software and can operate across large distributed networks,” says Boris Simis, business development director, Positive Technologies. “We were particularly excited about this project as an opportunity to work for a media company, a client whose data security has an effect on the mood of millions of TV viewers.”

About the client

Established by the Russian government in July 1990, VGTRK is the largest media corporation in Russia today. It operates three national TV channels (Russia 1, Russia K and Russia 2), 89 regional broadcasting companies in all Russian regions, the first round-the-clock news channel in Russia (Russia 24), a channel for the foreign audience (RTR-Planeta), four radio stations and a public internet channel using dozens of web resources. The company’s broadcasts cover an immense audience in Russia and all over the world.

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