Jet Infosystems provides an email protection solution for VGTRK


Moscow ─ The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) and Jet Infosystems have completed a project based on Proofpoint Enterprise Protection for Email Security. The system developed by the IT company covers the central site of the media giant and 10 regional sites to serve a total of over 5000 users. Plans exist for an extension of the system to all VGTRK representative offices in the future.

VGTRK is the largest Russian media company, with over 80 regional representative offices across the country. Since its work critically depends on the use of electronic communications, corporate email security, including anti-virus protection and spam control, is high on the company’s agenda.

The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems, a leading expert in electronic communications security. Proofpoint, the product selected to protect VGTRK’s corporate email system, which is based on two different platforms (Communigate Pro and MS Exchange 2010), has outstanding spam identification capabilities. The program uses hundreds of thousands of attributes to pinpoint and quarantine unwanted messages. An additional module (Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus) recognizes and blocks new computer viruses even before their signatures are published. A cloud-based message reputation service blocks even new types of spam without a need to modify the system’s settings.

The project lasted for 3 months. The initial review indicated that VGTRK’s email protection and filtration system needed a major overhaul. The project team deployed a redundant solution on two servers that host the spam and virus control system, the management system and the quarantine feature to store unwanted messages for up to three weeks. The servers were launched in a staggered fashion; the overall message flow was split into fragments for gradual migration to the servers. Therefore, email traffic was never interrupted during the project. Each server was thoroughly tested at the launch stage.

“The email security system deployed by Jet Infosystems has dramatically reduced virus and other risks as well as the amount of spam,” comments Dmitriy Saronov, chief data security officer, IT Directorate at VGTRK. “During its first two weeks of operation alone, the system processed about 10 million messages and blocked 99% of those coming from unknown senders, containing spam, viruses or malicious software. This has improved staff performance and lowered corporate reputation risks associated with email security problems.”

“This superb email security system is simple to operate and requires a bare minimum of administration,” says Kirill Viktorov, deputy director of business development at Jet Infosystems. “Also, the cloud capability featured by Proofpoint means that the system is fully scaleable to meet any future needs of the company.”

About the client

Established by the Russian government in July 1990, VGTRK is currently the largest media corporation in Russia. It operates three national TV channels (Russia 1, Russia K and Russia 2), 89 regional broadcasting companies in all Russian regions, the first round-the-clock news channel in Russia (Russia 24), a channel for the foreign audience (RTR-Planeta), four radio stations and a public internet channel using dozens of web resources. The company’s broadcasts cover an immense audience in Russia and all over the world.

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