OTP Bank deploys a centralized account management system based on Oracle Identity Manager


Moscow and Kiev – The first stage of a project to deploy a centralized account management system based on Oracle Identity Manager at OTP Bank has been completed. The new system fundamentally improves the efficiency of account management and user access control in the bank’s key information systems. The project covers all OTP branches in Ukraine.

OTP Bank is a leading Ukrainian financial institution that offers a full range of modern services including electronic payments, remote banking, cash management products and much more. All business processes at the bank are optimized and streamlined, and its IT systems are no exception. The new IdM system was deployed as an additional step to enhance general data security at OTP.

The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems, a company that has vast expertise in identity management solutions and data security projects for corporate clients. After reviewing the bank’s IT processes and access procedures the contractor’s experts formulated requirements to the new Oracle Identity Manager-based system.

At the first stage of the project, the Oracle Identity Manager was deployed at the OTP head office and integrated with the principal IT systems of the bank, particularly with the SAP HR personnel management system located at the office of the parent bank in Hungary. The integration was accomplished using a connector via web services. All the data on personnel structure were downloaded from the HR system to Oracle Identity Manager, which took care of access management for the principal IT systems at the bank. The project’s special features include self-service password management and automatic synchronization of personnel structure with Active Directory groups.

“We see the deployment of Oracle Identity Manager as a means of securing access control management that satisfies the existing rules and standards. The new user access control is automatic; business role-based rights can be granted fast and better correlate with the worker’s position. Note also that self-service account management is a convenient tool that reduces the number of requests for technical support,” comments Sergey Vasko, chief project management officer at OTP.

The bank is currently planning to re-engineer its access rights management procedures and to extend the Oracle solution to all the remaining systems and processes that need identity management.

“We have created an IdM system used by virtually every worker to benefit staff as well as the entire organization,” notes Aleksey Lavrukhin, IdM project manager at Jet Infosystems. “Now the bank’s IT processes meet the most stringent data security standards and its information systems are easier to deal with. The outstanding business management practices at OTP as well as true teamwork have helped to complete the project in a very short time.”

“An IdM system is a must at a modern bank,“ notes Konstantin Novikov, OracleFusionMiddleware sales director, Oracle CIS. “We are happy to congratulate OTP Bank with the successful completion of the project. Our solutions have centralized and automated user access management and control in key information systems. This means additional advantages for the organization, most importantly compliance with legal requirements on data security”.

About the client

A public joint-stock company, OTP is one of the leading banks in Ukraine. The bank has a full range of retail and corporate services for small, mid-size and large businesses. It has been present in the Ukrainian market since 1998, earning a reputation as a socially responsible, reliable and stable institution providing European-level services. Its sole owner is a major Hungarian bank, OTP Bank Plc.

OTP Bank is the core institution of the OTP Group in the country, including OTP Capital, OTP Leasing, OTP Pension Fund Administrator, OTP Credit and OTP Factoring Ukraine.