Jet Infosystems installs a Blue-Coat based internet access manager for Kyivstar


Jet Infosystems has completed the installation of an internet access management system for Kyivstar. The system is the largest project based on Blue Coat technologies in the Ukrainian telecom sector.

Kyivstar has always paid considerable attention to information security issues. Its growing business required better control over internet communications and faster user access to network business applications. Kyivstar’s data security department invited Jet Infosystems to carry out the necessary upgrade. After testing products from several vendors, a joint Jet Infosystems-Kyivstar team chose the Blue Coat solution for the project.

The Blue Coat Web security system is designed to manage internet traffic, including user authentication, traffic filtering, prevention of information leaks, blocking harmful sites and so on. The single control console and a flexible content processing system reduce administration requirements to a minimum.

The system was first installed in Kyivstar’s head office. Jet Infosystems developed and deployed user access management policies, set up the equipment and integrated the solution with the client’s existing IT infrastructure and data security systems. After a test period, Blue Coat was installed in all Kyivstar branches. The system currently manages internet access for all company staff.

Sergey Artemov, head of Kyivstar’s data security department:

“High data security and strict adherence to security policies are certainly a must for our company. At the same time, we want our staff to enjoy a really comfortable environment on the web. Blue Coat technologies adapted by Jet Infosystems engineers offer a perfect response to these needs.”

Kirill Viktorov, deputy director of business development at Jet Infosystems:

“We appreciate this project for several reasons. For instance, our company is interested in expanding its presence in the telecom sector, particularly in the data security area. Moreover, the project happens to be the largest Blue Coat based solution implemented in Ukraine. Last but not least, it was enjoyable to cooperate so closely with the client while working on this truly joint project.”

Vlad Grigoryants, Blue Coat Systems representative in Russia:

“This project has great strategic value for Blue Coat. It is also a good example of quality preparation and professional delivery by our partner, Jet Infosystems, and Kyivstar engineers. Our scaleable solutions can be deployed in companies with many users. ProxySG security gates will help Kyivstar safeguard its staff from malicious web resources and increase productivity by improving work conditions.”

Further development options are being considered for the project. For instance, the embedded system may be used as a platform for providing new services to Kyivstar subscribers.

About the client

Kyivstar is the largest telecommunications operator in Ukraine and the best brand name in the country. It offers cell phone services, mobile internet access and fixed internet access (FTTB-based). According to the annual survey conducted by Ericsson, Kyivstar’s mobile network is one of the best in Europe. It covers all cities and towns, over 28 thousand villages, all highways and regional roads, and most sea and river shores in the country. EDGE/GPRS is available throughout the coverage area, roaming may be used in 195 countries on 5 continents. Fixed-line internet access is provided in 125 cities and towns.

Kyivstar belongs to the VimpelCom Ltd. Group of companies. It operates under the Kyivstar, DJUICE and Kyivstar Business brand names. The total client base is about 25 million users.

Kyivstar’s mission is to improve life by providing superb quality telecommunications services.,,