Renaissance Credit and Jet Infosystems expand their outsourcing agreement


Moscow – Renaissance Credit and Jet Infosystems have expanded their outsourcing contract and extended it by two years. Jet Infosystems is now responsible for the administration and maintenance of its lending operations infrastructure, including hardware and system software (operation systems, cluster programs, virtualization systems and databases).

In addition, Renaissance Credit has outsourced the maintenance of its backup system. Jet Infosystems’ Service center provides control over backup procedures, data recovery and system recovery. Moreover, about 200 hardware and system software units are serviced by Jet Infosystems upon request.

This partnership started in 2007, when during a busy sales season Renaissance Credit decided to enhance the dependability of its IT system and proposed that Jet Infosystems should assume responsibility for hardware, software and database maintenance, remote administration and onsite troubleshooting upon request. Thanks to this arrangement the bank’s IT department was now free to focus on policy issues.

Late in 2010 the partners started preparing a comprehensive outsourcing agreement. At the first stage Jet Infosystems reviewed the IT infrastructure that supported lending operations and the backup system. Based on data concerning the power and fault tolerance of the equipment, Jet Infosystems experts developed a set of measures aimed at fast system recovery in case of any problems. SLA parameters needed by the bank were also defined.

The outsourcing agreement was based on both parties’ experience in IT system maintenance as well as the best international practices in service management. The lending facility infrastructure and the data backup system are now connected to a centralized system operated by Jet’s Service Center, which monitors all subsystems and provides fast response to incidents. All the systems are also under 24/7 remote administration provided by Jet Infosystems’ engineers. In this way, Jet Infosystems ensures the reliability and accessibility of the IT infrastructure, while Renaissance Credit experts concentrate on providing real-time services to clients.

Jet Infosystems has always complied with SLA terms. For instance, one-time system failures must not last longer than 4 hours; the total system downtime must not exceed 8 hours per month. The integrator is responsible for over 150 hardware and software units (OS, virtualization systems, cluster software and databases) that support the lending facility and data backup, as well as over 200 units in several data centers that are serviced upon request.

Andrey Ezrokhi, vice president, IT department manager at Renaissance Credit: “Our dynamic growth requires the bank to have not only a larger IT infrastructure but also a fundamentally new level of IT services availability. After a careful risk-and-cost assessment, we decided gradually to outsource many of the IT administration and maintenance tasks. Jet Infosystems, an old and trustworthy partner, was chosen as the contractor. Now it carries full responsibility for the administration, maintenance and monitoring of the lending infrastructure and the data backup system. Our own experts can now focus on innovation and policy issues.”

“Outsourcing is meant to guarantee trouble-free functioning of the entire lending operations infrastructure rather than a few servers of subsystems. In this project, we made use of all of our experience and the best IT administration and maintenance practices used in modern banks. Mutual trust and excellent cooperation between both teams was also a major success factor. With proactive support from Renaissance Credit IT professionals, we can indeed meet any challenge,” says Andrey Geshel, director of Jet Infosystems’ Service Center.

About the client

Renaissance Credit is a leading retail bank in Russia that offers consumer loans, credit cards, deposit operations and other services to private citizens.

Founded in 2003, Renaissance Credit belongs in the top 100 largest Russian banks, with over four million clients in 61 regions of the country.

Renaissance Credit is a trademark of the Renaissance Capital Bank Corporation.

Renaissance Credit is a retail business of the Renaissance Group, which consists of investment companies and financial institutions specializing in high-opportunity emerging markets all over the world.