RuTube integrates state-of-the-art Brocade traffic balancers


Jet Infosystems has integrated a group of four state-of-the-art BrocadeServerIronADX traffic balancers into the computer system of RuTube, the largest Russian videoportal. RuTube needed a new local traffic balancing system because of a rapid growth in the number of users late in 2010; also, in April the company launched a joint video project with Odnoklassniki (Classmates), one of Russia’s largest social networks.

Brocade ServerIron ADX is a new model developed by Brocade, a leading world producer and vendor of integrated data storage management solutions from Silicon Valley. With a processing capacity of 175,000 http requests per second and support for 16 million simultaneous connections, this traffic balancer dramatically outperforms competition.

Brocade ServerIron ADX has solved some of RuTube’s key challenges by drastically increasing the request processing rate and the system’s overall dependability. Balancers hide real servers and infrastructures behind virtual IP addresses to improve protection and prevent DDoS attacks from the external and internal network. Should a balancer fail, another assumes its functions without any interruption for users. Moreover, user sessions are synchronized between balancers via an additional channel to prevent lost connections. Brocade ServerIron ADX machines operate using a dual Active-Active regime. The traffic is distributed among several servers using HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP and other protocols.

The Brocade equipment was tested and deployed in two months.

Brocade traffic balancers are now successfully employed by RuTube and the online theater, also a subsidiary of Gazprom-Media. Outside of Russia they have been used by Yahoo, AOL, British Telecom, Deutsche Bank and IBM.

RuTube required a new traffic balancing solution because of a rapid growth in its audience. By the end of 2010 the number of RuTube users exceeded 1 million a day; in April the company started a partnership with Odnoklassniki to supply user-generated content and technical support for a joint video project. As a result, the overall traffic at the portal has almost doubled.

“We are keenly interested in providing uninterrupted service with high data transfer rates and quality content,” says Evgeniy Kukushkin, RuTube’s technical director. “Brocade balancers are an excellent means of optimizing user request processing and making the portal more convenient for our clients.”

“It is already clear that Brocade balancers easily handle the task of dynamic load distribution among servers and improve the overall fault tolerance of the system,” notes Igor Gribanov, corporate client manager, Jet Infosystems. “DoS risks have also been significantly reduced. After-sales service provided by Jet Infosystems and the vendor is another important benefit.”

“We are pleased to know that a Top 10 Russian Internet company is taking advantage of our products to improve the quality and speed of its service,” says Nikolay Umnov, General Manager, Brocade Russia/CIS. “RuTube’s choice once again confirms that our efficient, scaleable, energy-saving and dependable traffic balancers can meet the expectations of the most demanding and forward-looking customer.”

RuTube is one of Russia’s leading Internet companies. It consists of the largest video portal in the country, a media content distribution platform, and a sales house. is among the 10 most popular video sites in Russia, with 16 million users browsing over 120 million pages and watching 150 million video clips. RuTube’s platform allows rights owners to distribute content over the Internet as well as via other digital channels to a variety of video-enabled devices such as mobile phones, game consoles or tablets. RuTube’s sales house is the largest seller of interactive video ads in Russia that operates on five sites (,,, and, with a monthly capacity of over 100 million unique viewings.