Jet Infosystems has been active in the information technology (IT) market since 1991. For the past two decades, together with our customers we have walked the same long road as the developing Russian IT market.



Our work is aimed at providing solid basis for the development of business and state organizations.


Jet Info

Corporate Magazine of Jet Infosystems company has 20 years of history. Monthly business media covers modern trends and actual events on IT market, best practices of the industry, new solutions and legal aspects in IT projects. Best experts and IT analysts are amongst the authors of the Magazine – they are employees of Jet Infosystems.


Virtual Data Processing Center SERVICES

Virtual Data processing center of Jet Infosystems company is a service ready corporate IT infrastructure available for rent.



Jet Digital Service Platform

Carrier-grade software product of Service Delivery Platform class, for business processes management (connection, billing, delivery) between carriers and service providers, and services management, based on various technologies.

Jet Universal Payment System

Carrier-grade business platform for implementation of various business processes used to process incoming payments from subscribers in order to consolidate them in the single payment system.

Jet Mobile Financial System

Carrier-grade solution allows subscribers to use their mobile accounts to make mobile payments, mobile transfers, perform various mobile banking and other operations to pay for carrier services.

Jet Subscriber Analytics

Jet Subscriber Analytics is a powerful carrier-grade analytical tool that enriches operator’s database with additional information about subscribers’ needs, behavior and interests. The solution is able to analyze profiles in social networks and subscriber behavior (e.g. visits of sites with online video, use of online banking services, online shopping etc). Operator receives user-friendly interface to create targeted groups for precise personalization and the significant commercial effect that can be achieved as a result.

Jet Toolbar

Jet Toolbar is a carrier-grade solution, a small yet powerful widget that appears on every web-page visited and displays information and/or tools for multi-way communication between operator and subscribers. This solution gives operators and service providers an advanced communication channel with subscribers for fast delivery of targeted information, such as offers, ads, warnings etc.

Jet Financial Reporting System

This solution has been developed specially for accountants in Russian banks. It allows to generate mandatory reporting to meet the requirements of the Central Bank of Russia and other regulatory authorities.

Jet Subscriber Manager

Jet Subscriber Manager, a Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) carrier-grade software, is the core element of a comprehensive Policy and Charging Control (PCC) solution. This module is a software suite designed to integrate DPI with operator systems, execute sophisticated scenarios, notify and charge subscribers.

Jet Subscriber Credit

Carrier-grade solution for assessing financial status and financial discipline of applicants, using information about their use of communication services.